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In the world of hearing healthcare, it can be tough to know what different professionals do and which is right for you and any issues you may be facing. Each hearing professional can provide different treatments and levels of service. An audiologist is capable of diagnosing and treating hearing loss and other conditions of the auditory system, including tinnitus and

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We’re all told to visit the audiologist on a semi-regular basis, but do you truly appreciate the incentive for doing it? If the answer is ‘no,’ it’s likely that you’ll find an excuse not to bother. For this factor alone, it’s imperative that you learn to take note of those reasons. Visiting the audiologist is quick, painless and can help

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Tinnitus is a hard thing to define in many cases. It is a symptom in itself, as opposed to a strictly-defined condition. What’s more, it can present in a variety of ways. However, understanding that you suffer from tinnitus can help you begin to look at the variety of ways to treat it. For that reason, here are some signs

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