High Quality Hearing Care Services

We provide a wide range of hearing loss treatment options as well as hearing aid and audiological services to improve your overall hearing health.

Better Technology. Better Hearing

We offer a wide range of hearing aids from many different manufacturers as well as large selection of hearing aid styles to better suit your hearing loss needs.

Start Your Path To Better Hearing

Contact us today to set up an appointment with a hearing specialist to discuss your hearing health, hearing aids and the best way to treat your hearing loss.

Prevent Hearing Loss

We provide earplugs and custom ear molds to protect hearing and prevent hearing loss for swimmers, hunters and musicians.

"Ringing" In Your Ears?

Tinnitus is an abnormal perception of a sound which is reported by patients that is unrelated to an external source of stimulation.

Serving The South Pacific For Over 25 Years!

For over 25 years our Audiologists at "Hawaii Mobile Audiology & Hearing Aids" have been serving the communities here on Oahu and other islands of the South Pacific.

Our Audiologists have advanced college degrees, state licensure and are members of national organizations. Our support staff are well trained to provide assistance when you call and prepare you for the Audiologist home visit.

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Our mission is to provide excellent, convenient and family centered hearing health care in the comfort of your home.

Your Hearing Success Is Our Priority

Our wide experience of providing identification, habilitation/rehabilitation and amplification for our hearing impaired newborns up to our young at heart centenarians allows "Hawaii Mobile Audiology & Hearing Aids" to provide excellent, knowledgeable and compassionate hearing health services in the comfort of your home.

We are able to provide state of the art testing with our Aurical portable hearing evaluation systems, video otoscopy, hearing aid fittings and real ear hearing aid verification evaluations all at your doorstep. We believe that family involvement and education in regards to hearing impairment and better communication techniques allows for communication success in your home and social enviornments.

We bring hearing home.

Hearing Solutions That Fit Your Lifestyle

As technology advances we advance in our diagnostic evaluations and our choices of hearing amplification, we are proud to be providers of various manufacturers. We are equally proud to be able to provide hearing aid systems that make your communication life easier, whether that is to be able to listen to TV better, hear your spouse clearer or enjoy music again.

Stay "On Top" Of Your Hearing Health

In addition we believe in follow-up, check-up and check-in services. We suggest, based on our initial findings, a hearing test at least every 2 years or as needed. Hearing Aid services require a 6 month check and clean after the hearing aid fitting period or as needed.

We will also check-in annually to make sure that your communication needs are being met and if we are able to assist to better your hearing needs.

Better hearing, better life.

You're Only One Step Away From Better Hearing!

Contact us today to set up an appointment with one of our audiologists and discuss your hearing health!