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Is Ear Cleaning Necessary?

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There is a lot of confusion out there about ear cleaning and whether or not people should engage in the practice. With a bit of luck, the information in this post will help to set the record straight once and for all, and ensure that you don’t make mistakes that could make your ear pain worse. Of course, you should always take the time to visit a hearing care professional if you have any concerns. People working in that profession understand the ins and outs of ear problems. So, they are the folks best placed to offer suggestions and let you know about the best techniques.

Most people don’t need to clean their ears

Audiologists and any reputable hearing specialists will tell you that ear cleaning is not required in most instances. The ear produces wax because the substance helps to fight infection and keep the ear canal free from dirt and grime. Removing the wax from your ear could easily make you more susceptible to viruses and many other problems. Unless a professional expert tells you to clean your ears, there is usually no need to do it. Of course, if you notice wax on the outside of the ear, there is no harm in cleaning it using a damp cloth.

Cotton swabs make the situation worse

While they may seem like the ideal cleaning instrument, cotton swabs can scratch the inside of the ear and cause infections. There is also a slight chance that you might lose the end of the swab in your ear and have to visit the hospital to get it removed. Additionally, cotton swabs usually push impactions further into the ear, rather than removing the obstruction. Improper use of cotton swabs can cause scratching, infection, impaction and perforated eardrums.

Only clean when a hearing care professional recommends it

Some people who use devices like hearing aids will need to engage in ear-cleaning practices from time to time. However, you should never clean your ears unless a hearing care professional tells you to do so. Maybe you have a buildup of wax, and the medical expert gives you a few tips related to cleaning your ears correctly. In that instance, you should always follow their advice. Still, cleaning your ears too often will make the situation worse in most cases.

To answer the question posed in the title of this post; no ear cleaning is not necessary for most situations. Professional hearing care specialists will tell you if you need to clean your ears, and they will let you know how to do it without causing damage or discomfort. In many instances, the experts will do it for you, and so you just need to book an appointment as soon as possible if you experience issues like dizziness, ringing, or a lack of balance. Now you know the truth about ear cleaning; you can stop worrying so much!

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